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Our Story

The Witham Flowery has 'grown' from my love of beautiful, wild style flower arrangements and getting muddy fingers in the garden. I have enjoyed gardening since childhood but discovered the magic of growing from seed when my husband and I built a raised bed, vegetable garden together.

When we were planning our wedding I knew I wanted to grow some of our own wedding flowers, and although this had mixed success I was determined to do all of the arrangements myself! With some practical advice and inspiration from a DIY Wedding Flowers course I not only achieved but absolutely loved filling our wedding with the flowers I had envisioned. Over the next few years I was honoured to create the flower designs for some other weddings and a passion for floral arrangements was born.

Inspired by flower farmers 'growing their own', I dabbled again with growing cutting flowers from seed with the aim of being able to fill my house with the flowers I love. However, finding I had plenty to spare, I started arranging posies for a flower cart at our farm gate. Enthused by this and inspired by others flying the flag for 'British Flowers' I am expanding the cutting patch into one of our fields! There is no comparison to the freshness, textures and scent you get from a bouquet straight from the garden as opposed to imported flowers.

I am also committed to growing in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. This means buying British therefore not only reduces the impact on the environment but also benefits the local wildlife- there were so many bees and butterflies in the garden last summer!


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